Saturday, May 17, 2008

May....month of Mary

I've been doing some extra prayers and novenas for this month of Mary. It brought me great joy to see the above picture in a colouring page done by Catherine in school.

Last year I planted a bleeding heart...I thought it died. It is barely making it. Hopefully next year it will do better. Last night I planted a new version of a bleeding heart and an octopus bellflower in honour of Mary. Hopefully they do well.
I did my planters, planted a bunch of seeds, new perennials and I still have my annuals to plant in the front flower bed. When it's all done I'll post pics :)


ukok said...

I look forward to seeing the pictures!

Tom in Vegas said...

Indeed, May is the month of Mary, and I love the image of the Guadalupe you posted.

Good luck with your planting and I'm looking forward to seeing the pics:0)

lihim ng dating daan said...

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