Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Psalm 22

When I was in grade 5 The Gideons gave us a Bible with the New Testament and the Psalms in it. I remember reading the 23 Psalm once and finding the 22 Psalm. I realized the parallel between The Passion of Jesus Christ and that Psalm right away. Last night I was reading it again and was drawn again to the parallels. I am left wondering if the Psalmist realized what was to come? Did God inspire him with a vision of The Passion? Throughout the whole Psalm the person begs for God's help in ending his suffering. What exactly would have happened if God did save Jesus? Removed him from the cross alive? Stopped everything? Took the cup away from Jesus? How would things be different now?

Just a few things rolling around my head early this morning. :)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I should write something

It's been so long since I've posted. Ash Wednesday seems so long ago.
Easter was wonderful, lent was great. I did a lot of reading and soul searaching which has probably got me through the bad times of recently.

I still have not finished the Dolorous passion...it takes a long time to read, process and digest. I did get The Way which is easy and I use it for thoughts of the day.

I also got a book on Catholic writing. I plan on posting some of the stuff on here from the book.

The writings of St. Ambrose remind me so much of Shakespeare. Very difficult to understand.

It's been a year since my mother in law died. God rest her soul. And four months since my friend died. She still had one large cross and three smaller ones at her grave, one from her husband and three from her kids. I still cry about it.

I've been sick, can't sleep at night. Up at 3, back to bed...missed Mass a lot. Good thing they have a service Tuesday nights.

I'll try to update with something a little more interesting later on. :)