Sunday, October 21, 2007

St. Ursula...Oct 21

I grew up Lutheran. Went to a public school. There was a Catholic school just down the street from me. Ursuline nuns taught there. My friend went there. Later on I had a paper route. I delivered to the rectory and the convent where the nuns lived. I always wished I was taught by those nuns. Too bad now the Catholic schools here have teachers and not nuns teaching. I honestly believe at least the religion classes should be taught by the nuns.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

I wanna play tag

I found this at SFO Mom's blog. It was cool and I wanted to play too. It's 8 random things about my kitchen.

1. My fridge is covered with kids artwork and school papers. It seems I never have enough magnets to hold it up. Often I clean the fridge off, remove all the stuff but within a day they have created new stuff to hang up.

2. The inside of my fridge is always full. Sometimes I wish I had 2 fridges. One of the crispers is broken, it got smashed when it wasn't closed properly and the door closed on it.

3. It is too small, I wish it was bigger. Someday I will have a dream kitchen...but until then I am thankful for what I have right now.

4. The most used thing is the BUNN coffemaker. It is used alot and was worth the money. Nothing better than brewing a pot of coffee in a few minutes.

5. I love this calendar holder. I wanted one for years and finally bought one. The only drawback is that you have to buy one of the expensive calendars to fit in it every year. The calendar is the spot where everything gets wrote down, when I work, kids stuff etc. And notice that little angel in the bottom left corner. The pastoral advisor at work gave it to me. It's one of the few little things I have that I personally treasure for reasons other than material ones.

6. I love to cook and bake. After 15 years I am needing new bake pans, sheets etc. I really like the airbake cookie sheets...maybe I'll get them for Christmas. I also use my crockpot alot since I work afternoons and often make something for the rest of my family for dinner.

7. This kitchen is full of many memories...some good some bad. The last big meal we had was was wonderful. I try every Sunday to have a big family sit down meal....well every other Sunday because I work every other week-end.

8. Finally...the table. I had a old hand me down chrome table with awful chairs...I saved and bought this wooden table. I wanted light wood and something somewhat plain. I didn't want fancy pressed wood and designs. I'm not sure how long it stayed nice...the kids have PERSONALIZED it with nail polish, scratches in the finish, paint etc. Oh well...when they are older it can be refinished. Everything is done here...eating, visiting with family, making meals, creating kids masterpeices, homework...and notice, my bible study stuff from last night. I often work at the table on whatever I'm doing.

Well...I tag whoever wants to play

Friday, October 19, 2007

Canadian Martyrs...Oct 19

They are also known as the American Martyrs...but seeing as I am Canadian I will call them the Canadian Martyrs.
There is a shrine not too far away from me. Someday I want to go and see it.

Holy Martyrs and patrons, protect this land which you have blessed by the shedding of your blood. Renew in these days our Catholic faith which you helped to establish in this new land. Bring all our fellow citizens to a knowledge and love of the truth. Make us zealous in the profession of our faith so that we may continue and perfect the work which you have begun with so much labour and suffering. Pray for our homes, our schools, our missions, for vocations, for the conversion of sinners, the return of those who have wandered from the fold, and the perseverance of all the Faithful. And foster a deeper and increasing unity among all Christians. Amen.

-Jesuit novena prayer to the martyrs

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Oct 18

Prayer to Saint Peter

O Glorious Saint Peter, because of your vibrant and generous faith, sincere humility and flaming love our Lord honored you with singular privileges and especially leadership of the whole Church. Obtain for us the grace of a living faith, a sincere loyalty to the Church, acceptance of all her teaching, and obedience to all her precepts. Let us thus enjoy an undisturbed peace on earth and everlasting happiness in heaven.

This has always been one of my favourite Bible passages.I find it so very awe inspiring that Peter was the first Pope...directed to this position from Jesus himself.

"And so I say to you, you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church..."
Matthew 16:18

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I want to research this at work and print some of the stuff off. Unfortunately my printer is out of ink so I have to do it at work.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


The Litany of Our Lady of Perpetual Help

For Private Use Only.

Lord, have mercy.
Christ, have mercy.
Lord, have mercy.
Christ, hear us.
graciously hear us.

God, the Father of Heaven,
have mercy on us.
God the Son, Redeemer of the World,
have mercy on us.
God the Holy Spirit,
have mercy on us.
Holy Trinity, One God,
have mercy on us.

Holy Mary,
pray for us.
Holy Mother of God,
pray for us.
Holy Virgin of virgins,
pray for us.
Mother of Christ,
pray for us.
Queen conceived without the stain of Original Sin,
pray for us.
Queen the most Holy Rosary,
pray for us.
Our Lady of Perpetual Help,
pray for us.

O Mother of Perpetual Help,
Come to my aid, O loving Mother.
That I may love God with all my heart,
Come to my aid, O loving Mother.
That I may in all things conform my will to that of thy Divine Son,
Come to my aid, O loving Mother.
That I may always shun sin, the only real evil,
Come to my aid, O loving Mother.
That I may always remember my last end,
Come to my aid, O loving Mother.
That I may often and devoutly receive the Sacraments,
Come to my aid, O loving Mother.
That I may avoid every proximate occasion of sin,
Come to my aid, O loving Mother.
That I may never neglect prayer,
Come to my aid, O loving Mother.
That I may ever remember to invoke thee,
particularly in time of temptation,
Come to my aid, O loving Mother.
That I may always be victorious in the hour of temptation,
Come to my aid, O loving Mother.
That I may generously pardon my enemies,
Come to my aid, O loving Mother.
That I may arise quickly, should I have the misfortune
of falling into mortal sin,
Come to my aid. O loving Mother.
That I may courageously resist the seductions of evil companions,
Come to my aid. O loving Mother.
That I may be strong against my own inconstancy,
Come to my aid. O loving Mother.
That I may not delay my conversion from day to day,
Come to my aid, O loving Mother.
That I may labor zealously to eradicate my evil habits,
Come to my aid, O loving Mother.
That I may ever love to serve thee,
Come to my aid, O loving Mother.
That I may lead others to love and serve thee,
Come to my aid, O loving Mother.
That I may live and die in the friendship of God,
Come to my aid, O loving Mother.
In all necessities of body and soul,
Come to my aid, O loving Mother.
In sickness and pain,
Come to my aid, O loving Mother.
In poverty and distress,
Come to my aid, O loving Mother.
In persecution and abandonment,
Come to my aid, O loving Mother.
In in grief and dereliction of mind,
Come to my aid, O loving Mother.
In time of war, famine and contagion,
Come to my aid, O loving Mother.
In every danger of sin,
Come to my aid, O loving Mother.
When assailed by the evil spirits,
Come to my aid, O loving Mother.
When tempted by the allurements of a deceitful world,
Come to my aid, O loving Mother.
When struggling against the inclinations of my corrupt nature,
Come to my aid, O loving Mother.
When tempted against the holy virtue of purity,
Come to my aid, O loving Mother.
When death is nigh,
Come to my aid, O loving Mother.
When the loss of my senses shall warn me that my
earthly career is at an end,
Come to my aid, O loving Mother.
When the thought of my approaching dissolution shall fill me with fear and terror,
Come to my aid, O loving Mother.
When at the decisive hour of death, the evil spirit will endeavor
to plunge my soul into despair,
Come to my aid, O loving Mother.
When the priest of God shall give me Extreme Unction,
Come to my aid, O loving Mother.
When my friends and relations, surrounding my bed moved with compassion,
shall invoke thy clemency on my behalf,
Come to my aid, O loving Mother.
When the world will vanish from my sight, and my heart will cease to beat,,
Come to my aid, O loving Mother.
When I shall yield my soul into the hands of its Creator,
Come to my aid, O loving Mother.
When my soul will appear before its Sovereign Judge,
Come to my aid, O loving Mother.
When the irrevocable sentence will be pronounced,
Come to my aid, O loving Mother.
When I will be suffering in Purgatory, and sighing for the vision of God,
Come to my aid, O loving Mother.

Lamb of God, Who takest away the sins of the world,
Spare us, O Lord!.
Lamb of God, Who takest away the sins of the world,
Graciously hear us, O Lord!
Lamb of God, Who takest away the sins of the world,
Have mercy on us.

V. Pray for us, our powerful Mediatrix,
R. That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

Let us pray.
O Almighty and merciful God, Who, in order to succor the human race, hast willed the Blessed Virgin Mary to become the Mother of Thy only-begotten Son, grant, we beseech Thee, that by her intercession we may avoid the contagion of sin and serve Thee with a pure heart, through the same Christ Our Lord. Amen.

O Mother of Perpetual Help, grant that I may ever invoke thy most powerful name, which is the safeguard of the living and the salvation of the dying. O Purest Mary, O Sweetest Mary, let thy name henceforth be ever on my lips. Delay not, O Blessed Lady, to help me whenever I call on thee, for, in all my needs, in all my temptations I shall never cease to call on thee, ever repeating thy sacred name, Mary, Mary.

Oct 15...Memorials

Purity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Ironic that today is set aside to think about this...the purity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Last night I was explaining to someone about original sin, the Immaculate Conception and how Mary was a all comes together with the purity of Mary. I was just struck by how this day relates so well to life things at this moment.

Saint Gerard Majella

This one is especially timely for a coworker who is in her 4th month of pregnancy and having a lot of problems. She was recently taken off work and is extremely worried.

Prayer to Saint Gerard

Most Blessed Trinity, I, Your child, thank You for all the gifts and privileges which You granted to Saint Gerard, especially for those virtues with which You adorned him on earth and the glory which You now impart to him in heaven. Accomplish Your work, Oh Lord, so that Your kingdom may come about on earth. Through his merits in union with those of Jesus and Mary, grant me the grace for which I ask {mention your petition}.

And you, my powerful intercessor, Saint Gerard, always so ready to help those who have recourse to you, pray for me. Come before the throne of Divine Mercy and do not leave without being heard. To you I confide this important and urgent affair {mention your petition}. Graciously take my cause in hand and do not let me end this prayer without experiencing the effects of your intercession. Amen.

Monday, October 15, 2007

May God be with those who need comfort and hold you in His arms; may His wisdom prevail for those who have tough decisions or just don't know what to do; may He guide those travelling and surround them with safety. For each of us may we see with His eyes and love with His heart and show compassion and grace to all ~ we never know when we will walk in their shoes.
May each one of us finish today closer to God and His word than we started and may we be aware daily of the blessings He pours out on us, and the grace He extends to us daily.

Prayer for the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Christ Jesus, before ascending into heaven, You promised to send the Holy Spirit to Your apostles and disciples.
Grant that the same Spirit may perfect in our lives the work of Your grace and love.
Grant us the Spirit of Fear Of The Lord that we may be filled with a loving reverence toward You.
the Spirit of Piety that we may find peace and fulfillment in the service of God while serving others;
the Spirit of Fortitude that we may bear our cross with You and, with courage, overcome the obstacles that interfere with our salvation;
the Spirit of Knowledge that we may know You and know ourselves and grow in holiness;
the Spirit of Understanding to enlighten our minds with the light of Your truth;
the Spirit of Counsel that we may choose the surest way of doing Your will, seeking first the Kingdom;
Grant us the Spirit of Wisdom that we may aspire to the things that last forever;
Teach us to be Your faithful disciples and animate us in every way with Your Spirit.

Holy Are Your Ways

Help me to understand, Lord,
that what counts is not the road traveled,
but simply putting my hand in yours
and journeying side by side with you, Lord Jesus --
0 you who are the joy of my journey
and also the repose in the Father's home!
Holy, holy is the Lord, for eternal is his love.

Prayer for Healing

Lord, You invite all who are burdened to come to You. Allow your healing hand to heal me. Touch my soul with Your compassion for others. Touch my heart with Your courage and infinite love for all. Touch my mind with Your wisdom, that my mouth may always proclaim Your praise. Teach me to reach out to You in my need, and help me to lead others to You by my example. Most loving Heart of Jesus, bring me health in body and spirit that I may serve You with all my strength. Touch gently this life which You have created, now and forever.


Memorial of Saint Teresa of Avila

Let nothing trouble you, let nothing make you afraid. All things pass away. God never changes. Patience obtains everything. God alone is enough.

Saint Teresa of Avila

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

National Day of Prayer for Mental Illness Recovery and Understanding

Today is a special day to pray and ponder just that...

I turn to you, dear virgin and martyr, confident of your power with God and of your willingness to take my cause into your hands. I praise and bless the Lord for giving you to us as patron of the nervous and emotionally disturbed. I firmly hope that through your kind intercession He will restore my lost serenity and peace of mind. May He speak to my heart and reassure me: "My peace I give you. Let not your heart be troubled nor let it be afraid."
Pray for me, dear St. Dymphna, that my nervous and emotional turmoil may cease, and that I may again know serenity and personal peace.

Lord, our God,
you graciously chose St. Dymphna
as patroness of those afflicted with mental
and nervous disorders.
She is thus an inspiration
and a symbol of charity
to the thousands who ask her intercession.

Please grant, Lord,
through the prayers of this pure youthful martyr,
relief and consolation to all suffering such trials,
and especially those for whom we pray.

(Here you mention those for whom you wish to pray.)

We beg You, Lord,
to hear the prayers of St. Dymphna on our behalf.
Grant all those for whom we pray
patience in their sufferings
and resignation to Your divine will.
Please fill them with hope,
and grant them the relief and cure they so much desire.

We ask this through Christ our Lord
Who suffered agony in the garden.


Monday, October 08, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving Day in Canada. It is always the first Monday in October. This year I have alot to be thankful for.

Thanksgiving Table Prayer

O Gracious God, we give you thanks for your overflowing generosity to us. Thank you for the blessings of the food we eat and especially for this feast today. Thank you for our home and family and friends, especially for the presence of those gathered here. Thank you for our health, our work and our play. Please send help to those who are hungry, alone, sick and suffering war and violence. Open our hearts to your love. We ask your blessing through Christ your son. Amen.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

St. Francis of Assisi

Lord, make me an instrument of Thy peace;
where there is hatred, let me sow love;
where there is injury, pardon;
where there is doubt, faith;
where there is despair, hope;
where there is darkness, light;
and where there is sadness, joy.

O Divine Master,
grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console;
to be understood, as to understand;
to be loved, as to love;
for it is in giving that we receive,
it is in pardoning that we are pardoned,
and it is in dying that we are born to Eternal Life.


I have a resident at work...Francis. He was named after this saint. He is special to me because he likes me. He is always happy to see me, he remembers everything about me and he lights up when he sees me. It's always nice to see someone happy to see you. May God bless you Francis, and I give thanks for having met you :)