Saturday, October 20, 2007

I wanna play tag

I found this at SFO Mom's blog. It was cool and I wanted to play too. It's 8 random things about my kitchen.

1. My fridge is covered with kids artwork and school papers. It seems I never have enough magnets to hold it up. Often I clean the fridge off, remove all the stuff but within a day they have created new stuff to hang up.

2. The inside of my fridge is always full. Sometimes I wish I had 2 fridges. One of the crispers is broken, it got smashed when it wasn't closed properly and the door closed on it.

3. It is too small, I wish it was bigger. Someday I will have a dream kitchen...but until then I am thankful for what I have right now.

4. The most used thing is the BUNN coffemaker. It is used alot and was worth the money. Nothing better than brewing a pot of coffee in a few minutes.

5. I love this calendar holder. I wanted one for years and finally bought one. The only drawback is that you have to buy one of the expensive calendars to fit in it every year. The calendar is the spot where everything gets wrote down, when I work, kids stuff etc. And notice that little angel in the bottom left corner. The pastoral advisor at work gave it to me. It's one of the few little things I have that I personally treasure for reasons other than material ones.

6. I love to cook and bake. After 15 years I am needing new bake pans, sheets etc. I really like the airbake cookie sheets...maybe I'll get them for Christmas. I also use my crockpot alot since I work afternoons and often make something for the rest of my family for dinner.

7. This kitchen is full of many memories...some good some bad. The last big meal we had was was wonderful. I try every Sunday to have a big family sit down meal....well every other Sunday because I work every other week-end.

8. Finally...the table. I had a old hand me down chrome table with awful chairs...I saved and bought this wooden table. I wanted light wood and something somewhat plain. I didn't want fancy pressed wood and designs. I'm not sure how long it stayed nice...the kids have PERSONALIZED it with nail polish, scratches in the finish, paint etc. Oh well...when they are older it can be refinished. Everything is done here...eating, visiting with family, making meals, creating kids masterpeices, homework...and notice, my bible study stuff from last night. I often work at the table on whatever I'm doing.

Well...I tag whoever wants to play


Barb, sfo said...

Hey, we have the exact same table! Mine is "personalized" too, from the days when we could all fit there.
I love the calendar holder, and my fridge pretty much matches yours. Thanks for playing :)

ukok said...

I had that exact same table until last year and I live here in England so they must be international suppliers!

Love your fridge art, Jennifer!

Anonymous said...

I will do the meme on the weekend. This employment thing is getting in the way of my life LOL!