Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Christmas Concert

The kids had their school Christmas concert last week. This year wasn't too bad, they sang carols and explained the meaning behind each carol. It was kind of cool to learnt he history behind each song. I enjoyed this concert more than any other concert they've done.

We got there really early and had the best seats in the house. And we had prime parking so we could leave whenever we wanted. Didn't have to wait for others to leave. The parking at the church is horrible.

It upsets me that they have never once in 12 years done the Nativity story. It's a Catholic school and they learn about it in school. I could understand if it was a public school. I would love to have the story told in a play like structure in one concert my child attends. It's just really odd to me that they never explain the true reason for the season.