Sunday, June 03, 2007

From Ukok...

Found this at Ukok's blog and thought I would play!

Four things new to you in the past four years

1. I started cardmaking.
2. I started another job, as if a full time job and a mother were not enough!
3. I grew my hair long. (Can you tell I'm reaching here LOL)
4. I decided to spend more time pampering myself and praying more.

Four things you hope to try in the next four years

1. Save some money and pay my bills off.
2. See my oldest off to college.
3. Get a bike to ride. (Well maybe...I reserve the right to change my mind!)
4. Take better care of my health and live a healthier lifestyle.

My bleeding heart

I planted this on Mother's Day. Which also was Our Lady of Fatima feast day.
I planted it as a tribute to my heavenly mother...Mary.