Friday, November 30, 2007

Did I mention

On All's Souls Day I was in hospital. I was not suppose to leave (except for a cigarette...I know it's bad). I asked the nurse at 7:30 for my 9 she still had not given them to me and dh was going to meet me. I swear she did that on purpose. She gave them to everyone else and left me for last. Anyways I busted out and dh took me to the cemetary where I prayed for his aunt Rita. She died last year and I wasn't able to attend the funeral. I also found my grandfather's grave. He died before I was born. He wasn't Catholic but I prayed for him anyways. I felt more peaceful afterwards.

And when I got back to the floor no one said anything...they just figured I had went for a smoke.


Tom in Vegas said...

So much for careful and attentive patient care. On the positive side, you prayed for someone who may have needed the prayers, or at least did a favor for someone who needed you to pray for their aunt.

BTW, I'm somewhat new to you blog, but who is "dh"? There are other abbreviations that I don't fully understand.

Just trying to understand the fullness of what you write. Not being nosy.


Tom in Vegas said...

Hi Jennifer-

I don't know if you have time to participate, but in the event that you do, consider yourself TAGGED! Come to my blog for the details.


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