Sunday, December 14, 2008

Favourite Rosary Meme

I jumped in on this one. Adrienne had it posted over at her website.

Your suppose to post a pic...well I'll too lazy so I'll just give a vivid description of it.
Your suppose to do your 3 favourite ones so I'll describe a couple of them. I can't promise it will stay as 3.

Then you are suppose to tag if your reading this, I'm tagging you!

My very favourite rosary is a light pink glass bead one. It has gold clasps holding each bead in place. When I approached the Priest after Mass one morning and expressed my desire to become Catholic he gave it to me. I treasured it. I had always wanted a rosary and now I had one of my very own...and it was PINK! Unfortunately one day I found it in pieces and some of them were missing. My favourite rosary was gone forever.

Until... someone at work had the exact same rosary. She gave it to me. And now I treasure it twice as much because it is associated with both my favourite Priest and this person.

The next rosary is very large. It has brilliant bright blue beads on it. Almost a royal blue colour. It has the miraculous medal on it. I have a very close relationship with that medal and St. Catherine. It was given to me by my Aunt Jacky. Her daughter lives in the States and got it in the mail when Jacky was visiting once. Aunt Jacky took it home and gave it to me. I often take this rosary to Mass.

The other one is a toss up. I'm not sure which one to talk about. I have a glow in the dark plastic one. I believe my son has it in his room. Of course it glows in the dark so it is cool. I had a sterling silver rose one. I really liked it but lost it once when I was in hospital. The other rosary I treasure is a white plastic one my youngest gave me. They pray the rosary at school and she often brings home a white plastic rosary. This was her first one and she wanted to give it to her Mommy. It was such a sweet gesture and I'll always remember how happy she was to give her new found treasure to her Mommy.

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