Thursday, July 10, 2008


Four, Four, Four, Four....

A) Four places that I go to over and over:

1. Work
2. Parks around here (we have ALOT of them)
3. Grocery shopping
4. My bed...I am grasping here. I rarely go anywhere.

B) Four people who email me regularly:

1. My boss about once a week for work stuff
2. Other than that really no one

C) My favorite 4 places to eat:

1. McDonalds
2. Chinese
3. Bennie's
4. My house

D) Four places I would rather be right now:

1. Sleeping in my bed
2. At the is sunny and warm here today
3. The holy land
4. The vatican

E) Four people I think will respond:

Any of you - my blogger buddies - who want to play.

F)Four t.v. shows I watch all the time:

1. House
2. Law & Order (all episodes)
3. Gray's Anatomy
4. Desperate Housewives

G) Four words that best describe you:

1. Creative
2. Moody
3. Crazy
4. Intelligent

H) Four favorite "old school" Hollywood Actors/Actresses:

1. Marilyn Monroe
2. Joan Crawford
3. Clint Eastwood

I) Four favorite "old school" television game shows:

1. Family Fued
2. The Price is Right
3. Hollywood squares

J) Four favorite "old school" television shows:

1. All in the Family
2. Three's Company
3. Happy Days
4. Different Strokes

K) List four things you liked best about Christmas when you were a child:

1. Christmas cartoons
2. Waiting to put up the Christmas decorations. We bugged everyday until they went up.
3. Christmas oriented activities in grade school
4. Christmas baking with my Mom.

L) List four things you liked best about Halloween when you were a child:

1. Trick or Treating with friends
2. Halloween crafts and cookies I made with my Mom
3. Halloween TV programming
4. Carving the pumpkin and roasting the seeds

M) List four things you did not like about growing up:

1. My parents didn't have a car...we walked or took the bus alot.
2. I never felt very loved...not sure why.
3. I had alot of problems with my one brother. I guess I was jealous when he was born.
4. That I had two brothers and no sisters.

N) List four events that impacted your life:

1. When my grandma died when I was 8
2. Becoming Catholic
3. Becoming a RN
4. The birth of my children


ukok said...

Marilyn is the BEST!

Your fudge sounds the BEST too!

Tom in Vegas said...

You know, for the "D" question I should have also put the Vatican! How did I miss that??

I heard House was good, yet I've never watched a single episode.