Thursday, June 12, 2008

I have to say this

I don't know if I've ever mentioned this before but it's bugging me again.
I have a few patients at work that are Catholic. Most of my patients are mennonite because of the area but we do have a few that are not mennonite.

One Catholic man in particular stands out. He pays every Sunday for transportation to go to and from Mass. It's about $50. He also gives alot to the church every Sunday. He also sits there at the table telling the other residents he is better than them because he's Catholic and that only he is going to heaven. He belittles them and is very mean to them. He is also very mean and horrible to the staff, yelling, impatient and swearing at them. He once tore a strip off of me because his pills were 30 min late because I was dealing with a man who was dying. It just really bothers me because obviously this man is not acting like a true Catholic. He might think he is but he's not. To me he is trying to buy his way into heaven.

We have another lady who is a strict traditional Catholic. She does not accept the Vatican changes and will not attend Catholic Mass or communion at our home. She also is mean and nasty.

It just strikes me as odd that they seem to forget love your neighbour as yourself. They seem to forget that Jesus loved the lady at the well who was not Jewish. They just don't act like a Christian.

As you go about your day today ask yourself if you are truly acting like Jesus would want.


Tom in Vegas said...


How old are these folks you mentioned? If they are elderly, then you have to take that condition into account. If they are younger and are NOT suffering from any condition (Alzheimer’s, etc.) that could prevent them from thinking properly, then they are "Catholic Fundamentalists." I hate the term "fundamentalist" when applied to Catholicism because ours is a tradition that goes BEYOND Scripture. Our tradition, if followed correctly, does not turn into the still-born Christianity of Pat Robertson and Jimmy Swaggert.

Marilena said...

it just goes to show you that whether you one who attends the NO, or the TLM, people can just be jerks.
it does not matter what belief you are, or whether or not your Catholic, people are people. there is a rotten egg in every bunch. regardless, people should not be mean no matter who they are or what they believe. iam a trad cath, and iam not mean by means. not at all. see? we aren't so bad after all..

Marilena said...

i meatn to say, iam not mean by any means.