Tuesday, April 29, 2008

When I was younger

One of the blogs I stalk (Mother's Pride) posted a hair story. Funny story and it reminded me of my hair story from when I was younger.

I was a teen...probably 16. One of those teens who knew everything. That burgandy hair colour was popular and I wanted it. So off I went to the pharmacy and bought some hair dye.

It was called Flirt. That should have been my first clue...too bad my values were not as good as they are now! It was a temporary wash out. Good...if I don't like it in a few washes it will be gone. I was sold...I took it to the counter and paid way too much money for what was about to happen.

I was a natural blonde. That is important...you need to know that. I took the product out of the box. I followed the directions. I thought I looked good. My family laughed at me. What did they know...they were old and not cool. You know how teens feel about their parents.

Everything was good until I started washing my hair. Being a teen it was probably a few days...I probably washed my hair twice a day or something ridiculious. That's when the problem started.

It wouldn't wash out. It was patchy...blond with this burgandy stuff. It kinda looked like an easter egg colour. I was getting worried. Now I thought my hair looked funny.

Being the smart teen I was I went back to that pharmacy and bought a box of nice and easy blond hair colour. It was a permament colour. Took it home, followed the directions and viola....my hair was a rainbow of colours.

Orange, blonde, easter egg pink and GREEN. I gave up. I didn't care. I was resigned to looking like a freak show. But my Mom would not have a freak show in her house. Not when my brother was getting confirmed and my relatives were coming. So she sent me to the salon.

I spent the whole day there while they tried to strip the colour. They couldn't. The hairdresser told me that blond hair is very porous and that's why the flirt wouldn't wash out. She also told me that when I used the nice and easy it caused a chemical reaction with the different dyes causing the rainbow effect.

I went back the next day to the salon. They had a few hairdressers try something. They called the colour experts...finally I walked out with dark brown hair. Now I felt like a French person. A french person with a very time consuming and expensive dye job.

The moral of the story....I will never colour my hair or let my daughters colour their hair. I will leave it up to the experts at the salon. I always think it could have been worse...all that dye could have at the hair and I could have ended up bald!

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