Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Native Canadians

Way up north in a spot called James Bay is a Native Canadian reserve. 4 times in the past few years it has flooded in the spring causing a mass evacuation of the people. This year they are going to emergency shelter 2 blocks from my house.

In the past few days it has caused a flurry of words and emotions about how everyone here feels about the native canadians and what is going on. I try not to comment or judge them either way. I am not native. I have no idea what their life is truly like. I do not know if they are getting a free ride as some say or struggling as others say.

All I know is last night when I saw the news and the images of the center with all the cots lined up for them I suddenly put myself in that place. Can you imagine being removed from your home with only a few hours notice, not being able to take your valuables knowing they were probably going to be ruined by flood water and to go stay with 300 people on a cot. It was those cots. They looked uncomfortable. They look cold and barren. It made the reality so vivid.

I thank God for what I have, for knowing right now I have a warm bed to go to. I pray for all those in the world who don't.

It's funny how things can happen and change your perspective all of a sudden. I am in a situation at work with a manager. It is not a nice time at work these past few days and I am caught in most of the backlash. It's consuming me...but seeing these cots has made me realize that the problems at work are trivial compared to what's going on in others lives. Those cots have shown me I need to let work go, concentrate on what I have in my life and help those who don't.

Ironic how God works sometimes.

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