Thursday, January 03, 2008

Random Things

Today is St. Geniveve's day. I once looked after a patient named that. We called her Genny. She was always a nice lady to me but was really mean to other staff. She use to knit. She tried to knit me a baby blanket when I was pregnant but then her eyesight got so bad she couldn't finish it. Funny thing...Catherine was born on her birthday. Anyways I am reminded of her today.

Tom posted about New Year's resolutions. I don't usually make any but I am trying to lose weight and thinking about quitting smoking. So perhaps those are them. I usually went until Lent for things. One year I gave up swearing. The staff at work laughed when I told them. They said I'd never do it. One shift was HORRIBLE. I came down to the breakroom late and they waited, and they waited...but no swear words came out of my mouth. They knew then that I could do it.

I think this year I'll do the swear word thing again because I am starting to swear again and perhaps give up the internet except for specific purposes. That last one will be really hard since I'm a recovering facebook addict


Tom in Vegas said...

Of all the things that you mentioned, quitting smoking is the most advantageous. I wish you the absolute best, and I KNOW you CAN do it!


ukok said...

Happy New Year Jennifer!