Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Mother of God

January 1 is one of 2 Holy Days of Obligation in Canada (the other is Christmas Day). Last night at 5 o clock mass it was packed. People were standing in the back. The only other service is today at 11 am. I think it's sad that for a parish that had 8 services at Christmas only needs 2 for the other holy day.

Anyways I went with the whole family. It was nice because they had both priests so it didn't matter which line up I chose for the eucharist, I got a priest. I also was happy that we got to sing the first noel...my favourite Christmas hymn.

O Mary,
Mother of God
As You are above all creatures
in Heaven and Earth,
more glorious than the Cherubim,
more noble than any here below,
Christ has given You to His people,
firm bulwark and Protectress,
to shield and save sinners who fly unto You.
Therefore O Lady,
all embracing refuge,
we solemnly recall Your sweet protection,
and beg Christ forever for His mercy.

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Tom in Vegas said...

Very nice prayer! Glad to hear you're happy:0)