Monday, December 10, 2007

Out of the Mouth of Babes

I seriously think my youngest is going to be a saint.

The first time I took her to Mass she sat down, crossed her arms and said "So where's baby Jesus". She thought he was alive at the church.

She will sit front and center if she can so she can see the crucifix better.

She wants to receive the eucharist so badly. She was so upset that her brother got to and she didn't.

One day she told her dad we were going to Mass because the Holy Spirit was there. I had no idea how she even knew about that word. Imagine my total suprise when the whole readings and the homily were about the Holy Spirit. I asked her if she could see Him. She said yes, that he was up above the altar in the air going from side to side. Somehow I believed her.

One time a resident at work was dying. She knew this, she knew this resident and liked her. She told me before I left for work that this resident had died. I said I don't know honey, I'll find out when I go to work. She said no mommy, she died. Of course I got to work to find out the resident died a few moments before my daughter told me.

See...a saint in the making.

Anyways last week at the dinner table she comes out with this:
"Christmas isn't about presents you know"
I said "I know, do you know what it's about"
She said "'s about baby Jesus"
I asked her how she knew that

She said....are you ready

School mommy, maybe YOU should go back and learn that if you didn't know where I learned it.


Michael said...

Amazing and so qute the little one!
Beautiful child with beautiful parents :)

Michael said...

Hello Jennifer

Which prophets do you have?
All our prophets are in the bible.
The last one is Malahi(I don't know his name is english)

I understand that a saint is not a prophet.

Then what is a saint?
And can you remember names of your prophets (exept the bible, there are many in the bible, I can't remember all of them)

Thank you