Saturday, January 02, 2010

Planning my funereal

Maybe it's because I work in long term care and see so many people die. Maybe it's because I want to control everything to the very end. Whatever the reason I've picked out the hymns and verses to be read at my funereal. I found a really cool website that you clicked on what you want and at the end it prints it out for you. I copied down all the hymns and passages and then found out which ones I wanted at my funeral.

I do not want amazing grace.
I do not want the 23 Psalm.

I have made that very clear to my husband. I just feel they are over-used.

I had a hard time picking an old testament reading. There were so many good ones to choose.

And I left instructions for the priest to do all the talking. I don't want family members up in the church saying stuff.

The one hymn I knew for sure before I started all this was that when I leave the church they will play Ave Maria. It's my favourite. I saw a bunch of priests singing it on EWTN last month and it made me cry. It's such a beautiful song and they did a great job singing it.


Tom in Vegas said...


Thank you for stopping by:0) Happy New Year to you and to your family. May 2010 bring blessings and prosperity to your household.

I must say that going as far as picking out your funeral music is, at the very least, curious. I was somewhat jolted when I saw the title of your post because I had just now gotten a glimpse of the previous one that stated you had surgery. I hope that you are well now and have recovered completely.

I'm glad that you're responsible enough to start planning ahead for the inevitable, but, Jennifer, you're still young. No matter what they play at your service, you'll hear sweeter music where life continues next to Him. I hope that you have recuperated from your previous ailment, or at the very least feeling better. God bless you and your fasmily:0)

Anonymous said...

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