Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Another angel

One of my coworkers lost her boyfriend over the week-end. She is 20, he was 21. He was a funeral director in town. It was an ATV accident, she saw it and had to go 4 km on her own to get help after it happened. I just can't imagine how horrible that must have been. Please remember Katie and Darryl in your prayers.

Eternal rest grant to him.
May perputal light shine on him.
May he rest in peace.


Tom in Vegas said...

Very sad. Prayed and praying for them both.

ukok said...

oh my goodness. I' am so very sorry to learn of this tragedy. I will indeed be praying.

Lord, have mercy.

jessica said...

I'm praying for them too... he was so young, how sad.