Saturday, December 08, 2007

Todays Bible Reading

The part from Genesis...I've always loved that part. I love how God knows they've ate the fruit because they are hiding and wearing leaves. I love how when asked the man blames the woman. I don't get how God's response is original sin. Anyone care to explain?

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Michael said...

I did not understand the question.
What do you mean God's response is original sin?
I think the man(Adam) knew that God wanted him to be perfect.
So that is why he ate the forbiden tree.
God could create a perfect world buy it wouldn't be perfect if only God did all the work.
So he left one commend for the man, not to eat from that tree and then live forever.
But Adam chose to eat and a long exile was the punishment.
One day men will finish their work and live forever as before that sin.