Friday, December 14, 2007

St. Anthony

OK...once many years ago, in a far away land lived a princess. Some man (who WAS NOT a prince) asked her to marry him. She said yes and had a beautiful diamond ring. When JENNIFER (hint, hint) found out he was "very friendly" with a female coworker she broke off the engagement. He told her she could keep the ring.

15 years later she cannot find the ring. I believe one of my girls took it out of my jewellery box and lost it. I've asked St. Anthony many times recently for help on this one. Last week the DVD player didn't work. My husband took it apart and found a DVD that had been lost for 5 years. A Christmas Story, one of my youngest dd's favourite movies. She lost it when she was little and we were not sure where. It was shoved in sideways and forced upwards causing it to get stuck in the back.

Well that's not exactly what I was asking him for but that's what I ended up with.

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Tom in Vegas said...


I'm trying to gain clarity of the situations you have written about since the beginning of your blog. I've gone back (a number of times) to read your older posts and this is what I can surmise. Please correct my misunderstandings here or over email (which ever you feel most comfortable with) which you will find in the my "Profile" page.

1) You are bi-polar (I have had a number of friends in the past who were also bi-polar)

2) You specified that dh is dear husband; ds is dear son; dd is dear daughter.

3) I think - I'm not sure - that you and your husband had a conflict of some kind.

4) You had the misfortune of experiencing domestic violence.

I DO NOT want to peer into your personal life and make inappropriate inquiries. I'm only sticking to the issues and remarks you have previously posted so that I can place your future posts in their proper context. I am new to your blog, so I feel I have arrived mid-way through a conversation.

Anyway, I sincerely hope that in these latter times you are feeling better and are happier than on other occasions.

Again, contact me via a method you feel most comfortable.

God bless you,