Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A little something

I've been going through a difficult time, but if you ask God he will talk to you...if only you will listen.

I asked, opened my bible pointed and got the perfect answer (OK, I had to do it twice...the first time was an introduction to a chapter). The second time was what I needed to hear. Now I have to do it...pray that I can.

And by the way I have to say my Priest is awesome. Called him Friday...within a few hours he was there for confession and communion. I know he is still praying for me.

St. Jude pray for me.
St. Rita pray for me.
St. Dymphna pray for me.
St. Job pray for me.
St. Christopher pray for me.
St. Catherine Laboure pray for me.
Our Mother of Perpetual Help pray for me.


ukok said...

I'm praying for you too! sorry to learn that things are tough for you right now :-(

Anonymous said...

Hope things are a little better now Jennifer...