Friday, March 16, 2007

It's Friday

Tonight I went to Stations of the Cross at my local Parish. This is one of my favourite humbles me and makes me realize that my crosses are nothing compared to what Jesus had to carry. It gives me faith and hope and I am always extremely thankful afterwards.

I often do this devotion on my own each Friday (just as Pope John Paul II did) but I am very happy that during Lent I can participate in it with others.

I like this one by Pope John Paull II.

On a side note...being off I am able to go to Mass everyday. I went Wednesday morning and discovered they have the Our Mother of Perpetual Help service that day...I was disappointed. It use to be on Tuesdays like it should be. I might have to ask Father about that one.

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4HisChurch said...

The Stations at my local parish are in English and Spanish. I know no Spanish, but just faked it and pretended it was Latin, LOL.

I just uploaded a video Stations of the Cross from YouTube that I liked.