Thursday, December 21, 2006

DK's Christmas Concert

Last night was the dk's Christmas concert. Afterwards they had a little gathering in the Parish hall. Each family had to bring something in depending on what grade your child was in. I had to bring in a dessert and fruit. I noticed my squares went pretty fast but my fruit didn't. Guess that goes to show you what people like to eat...all the sweet stuff, not the healthy stuff.

That's not the reason of my post. For 9 years I have been going to these concerts every year. I missed one because of work. Not once have they told the Nativity story according to the Bible. Each class gets up and sings a song. Half of them have no Christian meaning. And this is a Catholic school. There was one modern dance show which they looked like those circque de soliel people, and another one where they were up swinging there hips like Elvis...not appropriate for a Catholic school if you ask me.

The closest thing to telling the story was my youngest dd's kindergarden class. They sang a song about it set to the tune of the wheels on the bus.

There were no Bible readings.

Is it too much to ask that during this time of year, especially at a Catholic school you at least do a reading or two on the whole reason for Christmas. I did every year at my school (except the year we did The Best Christmas Pagent...I went to a public school...but that was before the whole backlash where they took the Lord's Prayer out of it).

And the majority of people did not bless themselves with the holy water upon entering and leaving the church. I did not see anyone kneel in front of the crucifix and I was at the front so I could notice that. People in my view didn't kneel and pray either before and after the was in the church. Shouldn't the same rules apply...

I guess bottom line is it doesn't matter. It is not up to me to judge other people, but I sure was proud of youngest dd who did use the holy water, and needed to sit at the end to see baby Jesus (that's what she calls the crucifix) and kneeled before it.


Angela Messenger said...

Jennifer - interesting observations. I know in our own parochial school that the majority of the kids are either not Catholic or from non-practicing homes. I still can't figure out why these kids attend the school. Anyway, because of that most of their parents wouldn't think to bless themselves, genuflect or pray.

Also - how is your church configured? Our is "built in the round" and it does NOTHING to foster respect for the Eucharist. And considering only 1/3 of Catholic believe in the Real Presence anyway...well, you get the picture.

Poor Jesus.

cs said...

Well look on the bright least they didn't sing, "Santa Got Run Over By a Reindeer!"

You keep using that holy water and kneeling sister...maybe the rest of the crowd will clue in.

Angela Messenger said...

Jennifer - how was your Christmas?

Dymphna said...

I hate to say it but the average Caholic school isn't what it used to be. Angela, the non Catholic, no practicing parents who send their kids to a nominally Catholic school do so because they know their kid will be safe. He won't get beat up for his lunch money or knifed in the shower. And if nothing else, he will learn how to read and do math. That's the main draw for most people.

Angela Messenger said...

Dymphna, our former parish secretary went to Catholic school and was regularly harassed both physically and mentally.

My own step-daughter hated our parochial school because all the girls from "intact" homes snubbed her because she was from a "broken" home.

I removed my own son from our parochial school because the teacher could not keep control in the classroom. I was basically ganged up on by the teachers - nobody tried to help - they were too busy pointing fingers of blame.

I am sure there are good Catholic schools out there but ours is not one of them but when you consider that the principal of the school is the leader of the "centering prayer" group in our parish...well, you can draw your own conclusions!