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Saint day

Born to a family of Polish nobility; son of a senator. Attended the Viennese Jesuit college from age 14 with his brother Paul, who badly mistreated him. While staying at the home of a Lutheran, he became gravely ill, but was not allowed to call for a priest. He prayed to his patron, Saint Barbara, who appeared to him in a vision with two angels, and administered Communion. He was then cured from his disease by Our Lady who told him to become a Jesuit against his family's wishes. Attended the Jesuit college in Rome. Friend of Saint Peter Canisius. Jesuit novice from 28 October 1567. Student of Saint Francis Borgia.

October 1550 at Rostkovo, Poland
14 August 1568 on the feast of the Assumption
19 October 1605 Pope Paul V
31 December 1726 by Pope Paul V
broken bones; last sacraments; Oblate aspirants

This I found very interesting

Saint Stanislaus had drawn as his monthly patron for August the glorious martyr Saint Lawrence, and in his honour he performed daily some penance or devotion. On the eve of his feast, he obtained leave to take the discipline; in the morning he went to Communion, and then laid before the image of the saint a letter addressed to Our Lady, in which he begged that he might die on her Feast of the Assumption, and he prayed Saint Lawrence to present to her his petition. That night he was seized with a slight fever, which, however, rapidly increased; and on Assumption Eve, he received the last sacraments. Then, as he lay dying, he had brought to him a little book containing a litany in his own writing of his monthly patron saints, whom he constantly invoked. At 3 a.m. on the Feast of the Assumption, he face suddenly lit up with joy, and he breathed forth his soul to the Mother of God, who had come to conduct him to heaven

Dear Saint Stanislaus, angel of purity and sepaph of charity, I rejoice with you at your most happy death, which arose from your desire to contemplate our Lady in heaven, and was at length caused by the excess of your love for her. I give thanks to Mary because she thus accomplished your desires; and I pray you, by the luster of your happy death, to be my advocate and patron in my death. Intercede with Mary for me to obtain for me a death, if not all happiness like yours, yet calm and peaceful, under the protection of Mary my mother, and of you, my special patron. Amen

Prayer for the Graces of Saint Stanislaus
O God, Who among the many wonders of Your wisdom endow some, even in tender years, with the grace of ripest holiness: grant under us, we beseech You, after the pattern of blessed Stanislaus, to be instant in good works, and thus to make speed to enter into everlasting rest. Amen

HERE is a great story about his life.

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