Sunday, November 19, 2006

Pray request for a Priest

I found out today my favourite Priest...Fr Bourque fell and broke his hip. He is in hospital. I am going tomorrow to see a friend who had a baby so I might stop by and drop a card off for him. I think I'll urge him to come to my nursing home...I would so love to have a Priest there!!!!!!!

He did the RCIA course. It wasn't the greatest course but this man was so caring, understanding, sympathetic and he was exactly what I needed at the time. He accepted me for what I am and didn't question anything. That meant alot to me at the time. I remember him saying how spiritual and holy I was and that the Lord had great things for me. He commented a few times about things I have experienced spiritually in life...that they don't happen alot and I am special.

Even though he is a liberal Priest I still have a special fondness for him in my heart. Because he had Parkinsons he was left at the Parish for many years and not transferred (they routinely transfer Priests here, I don't know if every diocise does that). I knew him for years because I use to deliver the local paper to the rectory. I remember every year getting a huge Christmas tip. Funny how material things really are not that important now.

I guess we all change over time...I am less materialist and more traditional in my religious views. Tonight at work I asked an old life long Catholic what Vespers and Lauds are...he didn't know. I told him when I ask questions he better be prepared. That he'll have to think way back for the answers. He laughed because he knows I am traditional and conservative.

Anyways....I ask for prayers for Fr. Bourque. That he may heal and get over this. I know what can happen often when an elderly person breaks a hip...especially if they have pre-existing health problems. Please pray that God's will be done, that Fr Bourque will realize that Jesus is now carrying him. Pray for peace and understanding...not so much to heal him physically but in other ways. We all look at Priests as not needing those types of prayers but they do. They are human too.


Dymphna said...

I'll remember him in my prayers tonight.

Barb, sfo said...

You got it!