Sunday, November 05, 2006


It's sad when mass makes you cry.

And it's not one of those saint stories where the whole experience is overjoyfull.


Angela Messenger said...

Was it the love your neighbour part or the loving God with every fibre of your very being part?

We have a situation with someone we know who just went to detox for 5 weeks. We looked after his pets the whole time. He was back on the booze within 2 hours of returning home. For 2 weeks we didn't see hide nor hair of him. He phoned my husband last night. Could he watch the pets again while he went to detox for the 10th time. Hubby asked if neighbour has started going to AA. No. Well then Neighbour, you need to find someone else to help you if you can't help yourself.

Hubby felt bad for a bit especially after today's homily but I reminded him that often Jesus told people things that they didn't like but it was for their own good.

Joseph said...

Mass making you cry? Yeah I had a bad experience yesterday at Mass I'm going to post something about - I didn't cry - just prayed the Rosary throughout the entire Mass.

I hope you're feeling OK about it, personally I'm a bit confused about it all...

God Bless

Jennifer said...

I cried because of the situation with dh. I am trying to forgive, I still love him. It's so confusing...check out the purple ribbon.

And 2 couples celebrated their 50th anniversary. That made me cry.

And another nurse at work got engaged last night. That made me cry.