Sunday, November 19, 2006

At Mass on Sunday

I guess it's technically Monday so this was yesterday...

The readings were about the end of times. I'm sure they were the same at your parish. I have read the whole Bible many times and do not remember the OT mentioning it. And one reading mentioned that when Jesus comes the second time he will judge those who have died and those who are I was left wondering exactly what happens when you die. What if you just made confession, have not sinner and get hit by lightening walking out of the confessional...or if you are Mother you go straight to heaven. Jesus has not come to judge you yet...that is one thing I have always wondered about and never found a good enough answer.

Anyways the homily was excellent.

It talked about how there is 3 parts...before Jesus, when Jesus came the first time and when he comes the second time. Most people will not see the last part in their lifetime. It also talked about when bad things happen in life we are to make the most of it and learn from it. (Yes that part made me cry). We can use it as an opportunity to act and become more Christian like. The Priest compared life to a puzzle. We are the puzzle. We only see peices at a time. If we have the patience, the understanding and commit we can see the whole completed puzzle. But the whole time God sees the puzzle as a whole. He does not see just the peices. If we were to see the peices all together as God does we would probably panic. He also said that the puzzles have an example to follow, meaning the picture on the front. We also have an example to was set out by God in the Bible.

It was an excellent homily. I have really liked his past few homilies.

And I am thinking of calling the Parish office and setting up counselling. I've never done it before so talking to the Priest is a bit nerve wrecking. I specifically remember the one Priest during confession and another blogger saying almost the same thing and I didn't realize what they meant would happen. Confession is not a problem for me but talking about these things are. (Probably because I don't have alot of things to confess).

I need to talk to someone I can trust. Unfortunately there is limited people I now trust.

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