Sunday, October 29, 2006

Someone else talked about

When are we a servant and when does that cross the line to be a slave to someone. Which made me wonder if sometimes I am too nice, loving, kind and let people walk all over me.

How far does God want me to go to please and help others. I give to the beggars, I have taught my children to do so, to help out. Today my son told me they probably would get a doughnut with the money. I said it wasn't up to me to decide what they do with it. I am helping them because that's what Jesus would do.

I am trying to be nice in a certain situation in my life but I'm afraid it's going to backfire. Yesterday I was accused of not being nice, that I was trying to punish this person. Well that is not true. I have done everything to go out of my way to please this person and my children. I want neither to suffer. It's hard to know exactly what to do.

Where do you draw the line between being Christian, helping others, being nice to them, making it so that when they look at you they see the face of Jesus and when to stand up for yourself, your family and the right thing. Should being a Christian mean everyone can walk all over you?

I will talk to St. Stephen tonight, ask him to help me. After all he was the ultimate nicest person...forgiving those who stoned him to death. Perhaps he will help me to decide where the line should be that I need to draw.

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