Monday, October 23, 2006

One less magazine to read

Ms Magazine is going to pusblish a list who claim they have had abortions and don't regret i. I have a hard time believing those women would murder the fetus and admit it. What a topic...who else wants to admit they killed someon, or they have mental problems, or that they didn't handle the abortion well. Most women have some sort of negative feelings after the abortion. So sad because it could have been prevented.

What is the difference if it's the day before the baby is born or two days after. (I'm sure post partum kicks in alot think about ando it. They are charged with murder. But two days ago they couldn't.

At least that is the law in CAnada...whether or not you'll find a dr to do it that late in pregnancy is another story.

And yes I understand it is the ladies right...but if pregnancy is not a possibilty at this time take other precautions or don't have sex. I'm sure they know how babies are conceived. I was raped, but I knew all along if I was pregnant I would keep the baby...even thougH I was only 14 at the time.

Sometimes we need to take a stand out for the unborn, pray, attend demonstrations, leave little pamphlets places. Let people know there are other ways.

For me PREVENTION of pregnancy is the key anyways.

I will pray for each and everyone on that list.

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